Email Notifications

  • Change author

    I need the email notifications to go to another email address and not the author of the survey. Seems I need to change the author? How can I do that? Or is it another way to do this?

  • Community feedback email

    Good day,

    I am having difficulty getting the notification emails to display. At first the defaut functionality is to send responses/feedback as an embeded PDF. All I would like to do is disable the pdf and the email needs to come through as a normal test email with the results of the survey.

    Please advise 



  • Community Quiz - Email Purchase Notifications

    I have purchased the Community Quiz component (I do not understand why I could not select 'Post-Sales' as a category for this query).

    When a user Purchases access to a quiz, the information of the person/account is 'saved', and is then sent via email together with the quiz information to an administrator email once the purchased quiz has been submitted. This works as intended. See the example below:

    First name: xxx
    Last name: xxxxxxxx
    Email Address: xxx@
    Contact number: xxxxxxxxxx
    Country: South Africa
    Score: 7/15
    Quiz Failed

    However: once the user/account logs out and logs back in, and with this new session submits the same quiz, the user/account information is then not sent through via email as it did before. See the example below:

    First name: 
    Last name: 
    Email Address: 
    Contact number: 
    Score: 7/15
    Quiz Failed

    The user/account information must be included in all quiz submissions. How can this issue be solved?Thank you in advance for your support.Kind regards

  • Email Notifications

    Hi support,

    After upgrading to the new version 4 of GPS Tools, they arrive constantly e-mail notifications from the component, which warns me of new GPS tracks loaded even if they are old tracks loaded gà. And 'normal?




    I have the plugin - Community Quiz - Quizzes  published and selected to submit emails but not receiving any emails when quizes are filled out.

    Not sure what the problem is and looked everywhere.... Can I get assistance with this?

  • Email Notifications Recipients per Survey

    Is it possible to have each survey to have a list of recipients that will get new response email notifications, instead of all survey response notifications going to a single group?

    We have multiple user groups that have the ability to create surveys, and we don't want the members of one group getting email notifications from a different group.

    At the very least we'd like to have only the survey author get the notifications, but it would be better if each survey could have an area to enter the emails of all notification recipients, or the emails go to the members of only the author's group.

  • Scheduling emails to a admin email id for all Active


    I would like to be able to automatically schedule a consolidated email to an email id for all the active surveys, once a day. Is this possible, and if yes, can you please instruct me how?

  • Send Email Notifications problem

    Hi all

    I don't know how to solve that !

    I still receive emails notifications (and I don't want)

    I change parameters :

    Send Email Notifications is "NO" in settings

    Capture décran 2019 11 19 à 13.50.25


    Same in survey settings : "NO" (non in french)

    Capture décran 2019 11 19 à 13.52.41

    Also, I've stoppe cron :

    Capture décran 2019 11 19 à 13.55.08


    I still have tons of email notifiations.

    How can I stop that ?

    Than you for your help.

  • Several problems with Surveys

    Hi there.

    We just purchased Community Surveys, but have some problems/questions. I couldn´t find answers in other forum-topics.


    1) Email to Admin only via CronJob?
    Is it right, that sending email to admin after user has done the survey only works via cronjob/queue?

    2) Bug: Everlasting Please-Wait-field while saving
    When I edit a survey (question) and wanna save, I got an everlasting "Please wait.." field. Saving works, but "Please wait.."-field does not disapear (screenshot). I need to leave survey and go back there again.
    How to repair it/what is wrong?

    please wait bug

    3) Bug? Customize CSS output
    Withing questions there´s a tab for "customize" css and possibilities for putting classes "Question CSS Class", "Title CSS Class" and "Description CSS Class".
    But when I use them (see screenshot)... in frontend they does not appear. Is it a bug? Or is it a setting? How to customize the output?

    customize css


    4) Bug or setting? Back-Button and conditions
    My survey is somethinlg like that:
    a. chose "male" or "female"
    b. > if "male" > page chose "male outfit"
       > if female > page chose "female outfit"
    c. chose colors
    >>>> when I use the "go back"-button, survey does not remember, what I have chose before. E.g. when I took female > female-outfit >.... BACK BUTTON... then "male-outfit" is shown.

    How to get it right?

    5) How to put extra content for questions?
    I like to do multiple (checkbox) and/or single-selection (radio) question. But I´d like to make it look better: not only single-line-text or image, but instead some selfmade html-tags (maybe div-container with styling, image and some written lines).
    How to do that? It really should look some nice... and e.g. when I want to have multi-select for some colors, I´d love to have some css-styled html-tags with "background-color: #ff00ff" and so on.
    How to do that?

    Thanks alot
    Carsten Husemann

  • Turning off email notifications to subscribers?


    Is there anyway to temporarily turn off all email notifications?

    We need to import a bunch of FAQs from Joomla articles. Doing this as administrator, but the answers need to entered from the frontend (It'd be really handy to do that as administrator). As each answer is entered every user gets emailed nofication messages, which they are starting to complain about.