Open Streetmaps option for Community Surveys
We would like to see Open Streetmaps as an option in place of Google maps. Easier to use and free. Thank you.

REGEX in Report Filter
Low priority, but it would be helpful to filter results by any number of regular expresssions. My specific use case would be to use a URL-type question information. Say client is embedded in the URL question as the first two letters, I can...

Revision of Survey Invite and Monitoring Process
OK I think this would take some work, but it would add some great features. I am so excited that you are open to this type of input. Use case: I administer surveys to clients, who are almost certainly not registered on my website. Feature...

Header for CSV files
Hi there! At this time, the column headings are formed from the individual questions of the survey. It would be better if these column headings could be defined individually. See screenshot. Regards!
Under Review VT Community Surveys Comments (0) 8 months ago

Conditional recipients option
For our needs, I had the choice of using RSForm Pro or a specific survey component, and the statistic option in Community Surveys was the decisive factor as no need to collate the answers ;) But it would be great to be able to route specific...
Under Review Mixit7 Community Surveys Comments (0) 9 months ago

Copy Question from One Poll to Anothet
Hi: Would like to be able to copy question fro one poll to another. Thanks  

Export Unique Survey URLs into Excel Sheet for Batch Mail Delivery through Word
Hello I was hoping that you could add the feature of exporting unique survey URLS into an excel sheet for bulk mail delivery through Word? I need to be able to send a bulk amount of URL codes to different email addresses by the hundreds. Copying...

Scheduling Email Invites
It would be a really nice feature to be able to select an email invite template, a group, and schedule the email to go out at a particluar time. I have found if the email arrives in their inbox when they get to work, the response rate is...

One-Click Reminder Emails
Would it be possible to make sending reminder emails a one-click operation? I might have hundreds of respondents that need a reminder! ?

Select Invites etc. from a Library
Here is the use case: I have multiple surveys, all of which will have custom email invitations, thank yous, reminders, etc. I can currently store a new invite, but only the default invite is used when I go in to send out invites. As it is, I have...

Populating Invitation Email with Additional Data
This might be a lot, but I have an application so I thought I would put it in here. Let's say I create a custom invite list that has additional fields, like supervisor. It would be really helpful to have the invite something like:   Hi...
New Steven Ouellette Community Surveys Comments (1) 11 months ago

Standard Responses
It would be very helpful if you could prepopulate survey questions with some of the standard, validated responses. For example. if I add radio buttons, I could have a checkbox for "Standard Response List." If I check that, a dropdown lists some of...

Global map using google maps
Hi, in my opinion these 2 enhancements would increase a lot the benefits of Surveys component. 1. Instead of show a global map, display a google map with all the answer locations, the global map is not useful at all if the survey is make for...
Accepted alejandro Community Surveys Comments (0) one year ago

Thumbnails for Surveys
Hi, I think it would be nice to be able to add a picture to each survey, so that they can be recognised easily.