• CjForum: Mandatory Tags and Label

    1) Would it be possible to make Tags a mandatory entry for any posting and change the label to something else (say, Region, for example)?

    2) Would it be possible for Admin to pre-define and limit options for Tags users may choose from?


  • Grouping topics by tags


    I need to structure the forum using the (joomla!) tags, as added by the users to the topics.

    In the Dashboard I see the usual options to add categories.
    However. I want to group topics by tags, not categories.
    In Joomla! you use Tags Menu to group articles, how do I use tags to group topics?


  • Is that possible to have tags only for CA and not shared with articles?

    Good morning,

    Is that possible to create a different set of tags available only to Community Answers? Lilke, when a user posts a question, he/she can choose among some tags not confused with the ones available to joomla article? I'd like to have some tags for the CA only and not having articles and questions under the same tags. Is that clear?

    Then, I noticed that when I list all the tags (components-tags) under "search tools - select tag type" I see what you find in the screenshot.

    There seems to be a tag type for CA, but how can I create or find it?

    Thank you,

    have a good day.