We are pleased to announce all new community polls module. Salient features of the module are listed below:

  • Latest polls
  • Most voted polls
  • Most voted polls limited to desired period
  • Can show or hide header, leaderboard
  • Easily customizable and extendible interface
  • Show or hide author, category and votes
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We are pleased to announce the support for JComments on Community Polls extension. If you are already a member of CoreJoomla, please download and install the latest version. You need not uninstall the old version, the Community Polls installer automatically updates your old installation.

Please become a member now if you are not yet purchased the mebership.

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We are pleased to announce the release of Community Polls v1.0.2. Here is the change log:

+ Added new moderation feature for the polls the user submits. Now you can review the polls submitted before they get published on your site. You can set the moderation enabled just for the guests or for all the users.

Moderation for guests only option is useful if you enabled Guest Polls option. All the polls submitted by the guests will be moderated before publishing if you set this option.

If you select "Enabled" option, polls from all the users will be sent for review before publishing.

You can test polls submission feature of the Community Polls in the Demo. Please visit demo page and add the polls as you wish.

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We are pleased to announce the release 1.0.1 of Community Polls extension. Here is the changelog:

+ Added configuration parameter "Limit Polls". You can limit number of polls per day per person. Set 0 for no limit.
* Fixed bug with configuration parameter not displaying right option.
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The CoreJoomla Articles Tools Pro v1.0.0 module is released and available for download to all registered users of CoreJoomla.

The module features visual section/category selector, multiple ways to display your articles, filter on multiple parameters, flexible customization to the look and feel, easy configuration of the layout.

If you have not yet registered, please join CoreJoomla to get this awesome module to your kitty.

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Engaging your community made so easy with our Community Polls extension for your Joomla powered website. Built for Joomla, it fits into your Joomla website very easily and build your community size. No need to store polls data submitted by your users on third party servers, no need to submit the polls from back-end. Joomla community polls allow your members to easily create polls with unlimited options and easily vote with a highly customizable user interface.Click here to learn more.

Now you can test the extension on our demo server as well as you can see the extension in action on live websites. Click here to view the demo.

Live Websites:


Please note that Core Joomla has no direct relation with the polls submitted on live websites.



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