hello maverick,

is it possible to create a new override for only 1 or a few categories?

so i can show quizzes in certein categories in a different layout then the rest of the categories.

thank yuo

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  • Re: creating a new override for a specific quiz category

    by » one year ago

    Good question. This can be easily achieved by adding the corresponding field in the menu item view and then create the category menu item with the desired layout.

    For example, add below code in components/com_communityquiz/views/category/tmpl/default.xml file under integration fieldset

    <field name="ui_layout" type="list" label="COM_COMMUNITYQUIZ_FIELD_DEFAULT_LAYOUT_LABEL" 
       description="COM_COMMUNITYQUIZ_FIELD_DEFAULT_LAYOUT_DESC" filter="cmd">
       <option value="">JGLOBAL_USE_GLOBAL</option>
       <option value="default">Bootstrap 2</option>
       <option value="bootstrap3">Bootstrap 3</option>
       <option value="bootstrap4">Bootstrap 4</option>

    Now create the Community Quiz category menu item, select the layout in the integration tab.

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