Author and community choice

Category: Feature Requests 11 years ago

I would like to see the possibility to have 2 best answers. One is the picked answer by the author himself, like it's at the moment. But if you imagine that perhaps the answer vor a question is changing very fast and the author doesn't care about answers in the future because his problem is solved, than it would be great to let the system automatically pick a second answer as best answer just by the votes of the last month/all times...
The best answers should be marked by, for example: Best answer (by author), community favored answer

A problem could be, how to give points. The admin should be able to select an nr. of positive votes which are needed (for example 10), that the answer is the (first) favored answer and the user gets extra points. Above the limit, just the answer with the most votes (during the selectable time, look above) is the best community answer.

Hope you understand what I mean.
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