So, ( CA testing)...


A user asks a question, fine.


Now, someone proposes an answer, fine.


But what if the original 'asker' wants to clarify something??


Right now, they only have the ability to "accept the answer".


They should be able to add a comment, or further elaborate on their question, in order to gain more clarification about  the answer.


I see the Answerer has the ability to comment on the original question, before answering.


But the Questioner cannot elaborate by adding something into the 'stream of communication'. Are they supposed to edit their original question??

If so, how does the Answerer know it's been changed? ( so they can respond??)


I do have the permission set for Answerers to be able to give multiple answers... but they would then need an alert that the question has been updated  by the questioner. And there would need to be an obvious 'display' highlighting this as well.


This sort of workaround seems really clunky, so IMO it would be better if the Questioner could elaborate with another 'reply' ( not an answer) to their own question. And be able to add additional attachments if neccessary (so a full-featured 'reply',  not just a comment...)

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