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Category: Feature Requests 11 years ago
Hello Maverick,
I'm going to test CA deeper and I have to note a few things.

- I created main category with subcategories:
>RGB Colours
I inserted new question in Red subcategory. Going to Red subcategory questions I have this breadcrumb:
Home>>Community Answers>>Red
Shouldn't it have been
Home>>Community Answers>>RGB Colours>>Red ?
About that I noticed also I'm able to select RGB Colours main category to insert a question to.
If you are in RGB Colours cat and you choice Red subcat then your breadcrumb
change from
Home>>Community Answers>>RGB Colours to
Home>>Community Answers>>Red and not
Home>>Community Answers>>RGB Colours>>Red
Well, I consider main category a "container cat" but at current time it works as any subcategories and this aspect allows to put questions in not well defined area.
Maybe it could be avoid creating a category option check box "Not Selectable" (according to frontend categories select box)?
About the breadcrumb output, having "Parent category" option in backend, it should be considered in frontend too.

UPDATE: About breadcrumb maybe is it a bug?
Clicking on question answered in Red subcat I have this:
Home>>Community Answers>>Red>>RGB Colours

- I created CA menu item.
In main component page (FE), I tried but it was not possible to have Page Title (maybe I'm wrong) and I noticed that in breadcrumb I have
Home>>Community Answers
but it should be eventually

- About main component page, for personalization purpose it could be considered a text description field (as any sec and cat core j!)

Kind regards,
...and sorry for my long post :)
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