Administrator of the site, I modified the default avatar by a 256x256 image in jpeg or png.

The image is well loaded at the root of the directory "images / avatar /" with a name of type "rjckr03vajyiqiscpteac0gqv.jpg" but this image does not appear! Note that, I do not have subdirectory under "avatar".

When I have "Inspect" in Chrome, the image code, we have:

<img itemprop = "image" src = "/ images / avatar / size-192 / rjckr03vajyiqiscpteac0gqv.jpg" alt = "Webmaster" class = "media-object" style = "width: 100% ;;">

Note that the address does not match the one where the image was saved!

What i have to do ?

Thanks in advance for your help




Thank you in advance



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