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1. How can a user automatically upload pictures without specifying a folder, but immediately in today's date 2019/11/24?

2. How to limit a user with a picture size of 200 kb no more?

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  • Re: Forum - How to limit users in pictures?

    by » one year ago

    CjBlog is a free to download extension, it uses your Joomla articles.

    In CjForum, you can attach images using attachments feature. However, they will be stored in the same dedicated folder for the logged in user (with user id). You can restrict the size and type of the attachments using the cjforum options.

    You can also use your editor to insert pictures in the description of the topic or reply. If you use editor like JCE, it can automatically upload them to your desired folder.

    The user need not specify the folder name as you will configure it in the backend.

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